Arcane Zoo


Pardon the radio silence over the last few weeks, Arcane Zoo has been paused temporarily while we’re getting the site moved over it’s new code base after some issues with the current WordPress build became a bit of a problem for both staff and players. Everyone here is currently hard at work porting over every character, item and helpful guide to the new site.

Over December this page will shift to the new LoreKeeper build of Arcane Zoo, giving us new tools and a much easier to use site. A few nice features players will enjoy:

  • Players can now rename characters, buy, sell and trade both items and characters on site, all from your account, no staff step needed.
  • A robust search for characters, even down to traits and markings. Find that perfect friend quickly.
  • No more tracking down links to permissions and threads, as of this posting the majority of current game activities are now stored and counted by the site, less stress for players.

How to get started once we shift, just sign up on the new site, that’s it! If you use the same name and email from this site, Staff will simply transfer your characters and items to you on the new site and you’re ready to go.


While you wait for the change over, you can join the Discord and chat with players, or take a peek at the new site in progress.

The WordPress site will remain online into 2021 to allow players to go back and grab anything additional files or posted artwork.